Huawei Vision S
Huawei Vision S Smart TV (Source: Huawei)

Huawei announced it will soon release its first-ever Smart TV in the country on May 7, 2021. The advertisements seems to point at the Huawei Vision S Smart TV.

The company bared that this new product will have cutting-edge tech that redefines Smart TV in the country. There will be features like Huawei Sound technology, cross-device collaboration, and smartphone-level functionality.

Huawei’s Smart TV will embody the company’s 1+8+N product and software ecosystem. Its design provides Filipinos a new experience over TVs that highlights digital home lifestyle.

The model hasn’t been specified yet. But the poster showcases it’s the Huawei Vision S Smart TV. It matches Huawei’s description of the upcoming unit, featuring 4K resolution quality and runs in HarmonyOS, among others.


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