How to optimize your entry-level Android phone


The minimum standards expected of a good smartphone rapidly increase as new technology is introduced, especially for Android-based devices. Consequently, several apps are also upgrading to such standards— whether ample storage or better processor requirements— making using older Android smartphones impractical. Nay, useless.

But for whatever reason, sometimes we stick to our old Android smartphones longer. So, regardless of the technology rapidly evolving, we can still keep our old devices by ensuring they’re always up to speed. And there are simple ways to optimize your Android smartphones, which we’ll be exploring in this article.

Free up your phone’s storage space

Besides uninstalling unused apps, there are other methods to clean up the storage space of your Android phone. One of these is by deleting your backed-up photos already uploaded to Google Photos. Another is transferring your files via a MicroSD card if you haven’t already. An alternative option would be to move old files or others you don’t often use via Cloud (e.g., Google Drive) or your computer.

Use Lite edition apps

Fortunately, the apps we use most frequently offer a compact version of such apps. LITE apps only take little space storage and maintain the regular apps’ major features. So if you have an app that you only use for basic things, say Facebook Messenger, then go for Messenger Lite. 

Update the phone’s software to the latest version

As much as some people don’t like to waste time updating their Android phones, software updates are essential besides having better security. As a matter of fact, it optimizes your Android phone and frees up system resources on your device— which helps with faster app loading times and smoother navigation.

Restart your phone

If all else fails, then reboot your phone. This simple but effective method refreshes the system and frees up resources. Cheap or budget phones would benefit the most from rebooting their Android phones.

Are there other ways you personally improve your Android phone performance? Write it down in the comments below.