The unexpected arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought negative effects to many people across the world. It also highlighted how essential Internet connectivity is in addressing the challenges.

In the Philippines, telco giants Globe Telecom and Smart Communications have been aggressively expanding their services by entering new partnerships and offering more promotions to better cater to their customers.

Globe has been promoting the rollout of its 5G network in Metro Manila, promising to offer faster and more reliable Internet connectivity.

To help more consumers make the most out of its recent network developments, Globe has also encouraged them to avail of its 4G/LTE SIM upgrade program for free.

With the creation of the Cybersecurity Council, Smart, along with member enterprises, is amplifying awareness programs related to cyber threats.

Third telco player DITO Telecommunity has also ramped up the rollout of its telco facilities across the country in recent months. Its official entrance next year is anticipated to help in improving Internet connectivity in the Philippines.

DITO’s presence in the country, however, is also receiving criticisms due to its association with a Beijing-run Chinese telco. Several lawmakers and groups continue to stress that DITO poses national risks, particularly now that it is permitted to put up facilities inside military camps.

The demand for better Internet connectivity has become more intense now that online learning in public schools started. Despite the challenges and some setbacks, we must recognize the fact that telcos are doing their best to contribute to the country’s COVID-19 response by providing connectivity.


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