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A recent report by UK-based technology website bared that the Philippines ranked 60th out of 228 cheapest countries in terms of mobile data pricing.

The report shows that the country has an average of 1GB of mobile data that costs $1.42. The cheapest to date cost $0.95, while the most expensive costs $7.87.

In Southeast Asia, the Philippines is seated in sixth place among the countries with the most affordable mobile data services.

Consumer telecoms analysts explained that countries fall under two categories in terms of affordable mobile data pricing.

1) Countries with excellent mobile and fixed broadband infrastructure that provide large amounts of data that “bring down the price per gigabyte

2) Countries with less advanced broadband networks rely heavily on mobile data that “economy dictates that prices must be low, as that’s what people can afford.”

The Philippines has been heavily dependable on mobile data due to its affordability, with its broadband networks being uncommon among customers. This means we fall under category two.

While mobile data pricing is indeed affordable, mobile data’s worth goes undervalued due to the ongoing issue of unstable Internet connectivity.

This is reflected in the Ookla global speed study in August 2020, reporting that the country falls under the slowest Internet speed worldwide and in Southeast Asia.

The Philippines also happens to be among the countries that fall short in terms of cell site infrastructures, having only 17,850 cell sites out of the required 50,000.

The bright side is that the Philippines is working on improving its telco infrastructure, both on mobile and broadband, as both public and the private sectors are closely cooperating to achieve better connectivity.

With the red tape out of the way, telecommunication companies have been aggressively rolling out more cell towers to improve the country’s Internet connectivity.


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