Hearthstone Battlegrounds Buddies

Hearthstone just revealed it would be releasing a major update coming this way on January 25. The update will feature Battlegrounds Buddies, Mercenaries updates, the Lunar New Year event, and so much more.

The new Battlegrounds Buddies System will have a special minion unique to each Hero. It’s also designed to synergize with the Hero’s game plan, specifically:

  • New combat system: The “Buddy Meter” fills up during combat!
  • Buddies are unique per Hero; 75 heroes and their unique Buddies will be available.
  • Each Buddy copy earned acts like a minion while in-hand and on the board.

The Training Grounds will now have a new space for Mercenaries. Players can now leverage their Mercenaries to passively gain experience as they do Bounties with other Mercs, play different game Modes, or even when they’re sleeping! Other stuffs are:

  • New addition to the village – Training Grounds – Mercenaries can be sent to gain passive XP.
  • New Mercenaries: Balinda Stonehearth, Captain Galvangar, Lokholar, Wrathion, Sinestra.
  • New Bounties and Feature Updates, including Oval-Art of Portraits & Mercenaries Card Back.

On February 1, Hearthstone will also feature the Book of Mercenaries: Tavish Stormpike. Players would look forward to:

  • The hunter Tavish Stormpike must overcome the Frostwolves, Horde mercenaries, angry Troggs, his own family, and food poisoning! Can he stomach it?
  • Defeating all 8 bosses in this linear adventure will reward 1 Hunter pack, containing only Hunter cards from Standard. 
  • Special Tavern Brawl – Tavish vs. Rokara (January 26)
    1. Play as Tavish or Rokara, and select one of your mercenary companions to represent your Hero Power.
    2. Unique dialogue interactions are available for each combination of characters.
    3. First-time wins will reward one Standard pack containing cards from all Standard.

Last but not least, all players will get the FREE Dancing Lion Card Back from January 25 to February 8 in celebration of the Lunar New Year!

Additionally, there will be a Lunar Blessing Tavern Brawl beginning February 2 up to 9 and, of course, special quests starting February 2 to 16. 


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