Gryfn debuts as the new gaming and working furniture brand crafted by Filipinos


A unique furniture brand came into the fore to showcase products of exceptional quality catered to Filipino gamers and workers.

Gryfn was recently founded in 2020 by Yuri Go, a data analytics analyst by day and a passionate gamer by night, who envisions a brand that sets the standard of furniture making under the hands of Filipinos, aiming to highlight Pinoy craftsmanship and offer opportunities for Filipino furniture makers in the country amid this ongoing pandemic.

Gryfn Stealth, a durable gaming or work tabletop and first-ever product.

Gryfn’s work and gaming table and their very first product, the Gryfn Stealth, was intricately designed to be durable and ergonomic fitting for “work hard, play hard” Pinoys. The tabletop has sloped edges to give comfort to the wrists and arms during working or gaming hours. Its deliberate Z shaped leg design made out of steel provides resilience to its overall structure. It features a cable management system that enables users to organize their wires effectively.

The product’s design and structure reflects Gryfn’s vision; comfort, stylish, affordable, and crafted with care– the very things people would want in a gaming setup.

For now, Gryfn has made a promising product. The company will continue to innovate and provide products aligned with their visions, magnifying the competence of Philippine furniture making and the ambition to be the leading-edge in the industry worldwide.