The government might have to subsidize the telcos to promote the creation of new cell sites and encourage the use of newer smartphone models, according to Australian businessman and Inquirer columnist Peter Wallace. He pointed out the two key causes of poor network service in the Philippines: coverage and speed.

On coverage, he explained that the “government bureaucracy, national and local, and mindless opposition from non-government agencies” were to blame for not achieving the ideal coverage of Internet connectivity due to the “excessive” processing of applications.

On speed, the fault is not only with the telcos but also with the realities of poverty. He said 20-30 percent of the population in the country still uses 2G and 3G phones, instead of enjoying the latest speeds offered by 4G and 5G networks.

“Think of EDSA. It’s blocked because too many vehicles are occupying too few lanes. If jeepneys block the too few lanes, Ferraris can’t travel at speed. If you crowd even more vehicles onto EDSA, it slows even more,” Wallace explained. He added that the increased use of phones amid the pandemic worsened Internet congestion in the country.


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