Chats, Rooms in Gmail

Google launched an integrated Chat and Rooms features straight from the Gmail inbox for iOS, Android, and Chrome platforms.

Not only users can view their emails, they can also check instant messages through Chats and discuss among larger groups with Rooms through Gmail, thereby removing the need to switch between tabs.

Overall, Gmail now has four primary sections: Mail, Meet, Chat, and Rooms.

Here’s how to enable the new feature in Gmail:

  • For Android and iOS device, go to ‘Settings’ at the bottom of the navigation drawer
  • Tap your Gmail account
  • Proceed to the ‘General’ section then enable Chat, displaying both Chat and Rooms tab

There will be a prompt box that welcomes you to the new feature. Simply tap ‘OK’ for Google to update your Gmail instantly.

As for web users, similarly go to the settings of your Gmail then choose to enable Google Chat instead of Classic Hangouts.

If there are no such options available in the settings, update the application to its latest version.

Because it’s a new feature, Google informs users that there will be bugs and errors in using it.


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