Godfall Challenger Edition, Prison Architect now for free in Epic Games Store!


Epic Games Store is currently featuring adrenaline-packed game titles namely, Godfall Challenger Edition and Prison Architect, in its weekly free listing!

Godfall Challenger Edition gets you to unlock the maximum level Valorplate in Godfall, an action-RPG game. This edition comes with three end-game modes: Lightbringer, Dreamstones, and the Ascended Tower of Trials. Those who already have the base game could spice the experience with the Challenger Edition!

Prison Architect, as the name suggests, takes you on to build and design the ruthless prison for the most ruthless inmates. Make an Alcatraz-inspired prison, hire and maintain your wardens, and ensure your inmates cannot escape!

Godfall Challenger Edition and Prison Architect are currently featured as free games in Epic Games Store. To claim these games, simply sign up or log in to an account and click on the ‘Get’ button.