Social media is not only a communication platform for people we know like family members and friends. It also enables us to connect to other like-minded individuals and engage in communities that speak to you.

For those who have decided to practice a sustainable lifestyle but unsure where to begin and ask for advice, here are some online social communities to consider joining in to get started.

Buhay Zero-Waste

Buhay Zero-Waste is an active community aimed to share, guide, and encourage members to reduce the amount of waste they produce in their daily lives.

The group composed of Filipinos allows you to ask questions regarding sustainable living. It helps you avoid being a contributor to harming the environment in small, meaningful steps.

Minimalist Philippines

This Facebook group consists of members who share ideas and support one another to achieve a minimalist lifestyle that involves practicing living with less and determining what brings real value to life.

Backyard Gardening

For those interested in trying gardening at home, there’s a community on Facebook where you can ask and share anything about backyard gardening — a timely sustainable, and frugal practice to learn to supply fresh greens for yourself and the family amid the pandemic.


An abbreviation of Permanent-Culture, Permaculture refers to practical philosophy and lifestyle that aims living and prospering in an environment and working with nature without harming it.

It’s an innovative way for sustainable living, including food and energy production, nature conservation, and community living. You can browse about it on the Internet, but there’s also a Reddit community that provides you all the essential information to get you started.


Vegan became a trendy lifestyle, which doesn’t involve consumption or using animal products. Veganism is considered sustainable living to some degree, as it generally aims to give higher respect and value to animals while it encourages frugality in their diet. Reddit has all sorts of information and a friendly community open to ask and talk about the vegan lifestyle.


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