Online transactions have become the new normal amid the COVID-19 pandemic and they will remain due to the convenience and hassle-free experience they offer.

Here is our top e-wallet list in which you can choose the right one that fits your lifestyle and transaction choices.


Globe Telecom’s GCash is everyone’s e-wallet for Filipinos due to its wide range of unique features. GCash is the all-around e-wallet you could ever hope for.

You can use the app to invest money, buy load or gaming credits, get an insurance plan, and settle your bills and fees, including utilities and government transactions.

Partnered with several banks across the Philippines, you can conveniently and securely send and receive money through the GCash app.


GrabPay Arrives In Malaysia: Features & How To Get It

For those who always avail of delivery services and ride-hailing, Grab is among those that are mostly used for such purposes.

The Grab app comes with a convenient e-wallet for its users, so they don’t have to bother taking out physical cash to settle transactions. Using the e-wallet also makes you spend less, and it offers rewards to boot.


PayPal now lets you instantly transfer money to bank accounts - CNET

Paypal is among the globally used e-wallets out there as it operates a worldwide online payment system. For something that is broadly used, it’s surprisingly easy to create an account akin to how you make your social media handle.

As an international standard for e-wallets, transferring money via PayPal is free to use and secured through encryption, so most online freelancers utilize this app.

7-Eleven CLiQQ Rewards

Enjoy Rewards Every Day At 7-Eleven With CLiQQ - Orange Magazine

If you’ve always been a 7-Eleven shopper, then you would not want to miss having 7-Eleven’s e-wallet app on your smartphone. The app is designed for its customers to avail of CLIQQ WiFi, CLiQQ Rewards, and CLiQQ Wallet.

Through the app, you can earn points by simply checking in frequently and buying items in a 7-Eleven store. Points can be converted into consumable data or free Internet access inside stores.


You can now instantly transfer funds to more than 40 banks with your PayMaya account - The Fanboy SEO

Smart Communication’s PayMaya is a prepaid e-wallet app that operates close to a bank. You can conduct online transactions like you use credit cards, providing an alternative for those without the plastic to pay online. It’s safe and regulated by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

You can immediately get a verified virtual card, either VISA or Mastercard, that can be used in online purchases. If you want the physical card, you can avail of one, which can be used to withdraw on BancNet ATM.

PayMaya also allows physical cash-in transactions through 7-Eleven’s kiosks and enables customers to buy items in partner stores via QR code scanning. If you can’t help going outside to buy your groceries, but don’t like the hassle of physically pulling out your cash, then PayMaya is the go-to alternative to “Scan to Pay.”


Got utility bills to settle? Do it with ShopeePay - Speed Magazine

ShopeePay, as the name suggests, is an online prepaid account in the Shopee app regulated by the BSP. ShopeePay is your convenient e-wallet for quick and easy top-up, purchase, and withdrawal transactions via Shopee.

ShopeePay offers discounts and promotions when you shop on Shopee. Another notable feature of the e-wallet is that you can also withdraw your money by transferring them to your bank accounts. Registering for ShopeePay aside from having the Shopee app is a must for Shopee-holics.


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