For Globe Telecom Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications Ms. Yoly Crisanto, “The internet is everyone’s responsibility”. In her speech during the Digital Media Forum hosted by the Presidential Communications Operations Office, Crisanto recognizes the importance of being able to share and post and at the same time being a responsible citizen of the internet.

Yoly Crisanto

For Crisanto, online engagement is not just a task of the end users but all of the stakeholders. Thus, Globe drives its Digital Thumb Print Program to promote responsible use of the web. The Program according to Crisanto aims to teach responsibility and safeguard to all the users of the internet. Currently, the program is being shared to several public schools in the country.

Further, Globe also acknowledges the need to bridge the internet from the teachers to its students. Globe sees that the web has the ability to empower the students and at the same the teachers, and there is a need to properly bridge this gap.

Globe's digital thumbprint program

Through the Digital Thumbprint Program, students from far flung localities can still learn and afford education through the internet. With this in mind, emphasizes the need to strengthen this connection through the installation of proper channels and communication lines to reach these localities. According to Crisanto, “The government and the private institutions should work side-by-side in making this possible.”


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