Globe announced the complete removal of consumer 3G SIMs across its retail and distribution chains in line with the company’s goal to shift its customers to 4GLTE/5G-ready SIMs for an improved mobile internet experience.

To know if you are still using 2G or 3G SIM, Globe customers can text SIM CHECK to 8080. Once verified, customers may secure an online appointment by visiting or the GlobeOne app before dropping by at the Globe Store for SIM replacement. They can pick the store location, date, and time at their convenience. This way, it makes transactions more convenient and will save both time and effort. Customers are also encouraged to visit the Stores List for information.

Postpaid 3G users can also simply request for SIM change via the GlobeOne app, where the new SIM card will be delivered to their registered address by a courier.

Globe warned customers to only avail for new SIMs directly at a Globe Store or through the Globe One app. To learn how to be protected from SIM swap scams, go to

For more information about Globe, visit


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