Globe ready Luzon brownouts

Globe Telecom has its contingency plans ready as rotational brownouts remain ongoing in Luzon. 

According to the company, Globe equipped its cell towers with lithium batteries that could last for two hours. In addition, there are generator sets on standby in case brownouts go on longer than expected. 

Globe Senior Vice President for Network Operations Peter Tan said the telco has been on high alert status since Luzon announced power blackouts. Globe and its network service are long ready for brownouts that can happen in Luzon. 

He added that Globe has also prepped its personnel and resources for deployment for all possible scenarios. 

“Our cell sites are already provisioned with backup batteries, fuel cells, or a combination of either batteries and generators. We also have on standby, a number of portable, trailer-mounted generator sets that we can deploy anywhere they may be needed,” said Tan.

The telco advised its customers to be ready for future power interruptions by having generators on hand. Another is by charging their gadgets before the scheduled power interruptions. Customers can also use an uninterruptible power supply or UPS to power up their modems for uninterrupted connectivity. 

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