Photo by STI College.

In an effort to help students and teachers amid the pandemic, telcos have expanded their networks across the country and extended a hand to assist them, acknowledging the crucial role of technology in the education sector.

For instance, Globe Telecom facilitates online learning in educational institutions, such as the recent collaboration of STI Education Services Group, Inc. one of the largest network of schools with over 80,000 students nationwide.

Globe has been proving itself an invaluable partner for educational institutions by equipping them with digitalized solutions that enable seamless and continuous learning.

The telco helps schools integrate technology through mySchoolSURF, a lineup of Internet promos designed to help students and instructors. Starter plan P199 comes with 34GB of data allocation valid for seven days.

Online learning paved the way for the education sector to operate without risking their students, teachers, and professors’ health and safety.

In empowering the education sector, students and teachers alike benefited in enjoying a seamless learning experience as they continue to adjust to the ongoing hardships caused by the national health crisis.


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