A German freelance blogger Klaus Bardenhagen aka Michael Turton, who publishes under the name “Oz” and is reportedly living in Taiwan is now the center of criticisms in the blogging sphere over his alleged marketing website that is focused on hate.

Oz’s website called Behind MLM, is described by bloggers across the globe as centering on a business model to create fear with his “biased marketing” and to establish doubts and uncertainty by encouraging clicks on the Google banner. Of course to get paid by capitalizing on people’s fear.

Behindbusinessforhome.org writes, “Creating, fear, uncertainty and doubt (often shortened to FUD) is a disinformation strategy used in sales, marketing, public relations, politics, cults, and propaganda. FUD is generally a strategy to influence perception by disseminating negative and dubious or false information and a manifestation of the appeal to fear.”

“Given his website traffic he will make est. $4,000 – $8,000 per month with the banners,” it added.

Anton Toubia, said in an article published in Medium.com was not as forgiving. He described Bardenhagen as a “scammer and extortionist.”

Toubia writes, “OZ, the person behind the website BehindMlm.com is a well known scammer, hiding behind a fake website, no contact information to reach him, and he pretends to be brave and honest. But actually he is just a coward hiding with no way to reach him, other than his own fake blog that is full of lies. Also he decides which posts to allow and which not, to make things look good for his side, and turns everything for his favor.”

According to the arrticle, the internet has an abundance of information online about Bardenhagen “dirty scammy acts, attacking almost every company. He added that the names used by Bardenhagen and Turtom are also believed to be fake and until now, nobody actually knows who is behind that BehindMLM website.

Toubia is advising people “not to use his website as a reference for their investment decisions.”

Bardenhagen’s latest victim is Smart Asset Managers (SAM), an Australia-based fintech company controlled by Filipino-New Zealander Rommel Santos. Bardenhagen falsely identify SAM as connected with DDK of Malaysia. But, in truth, SAM is operating independently outside of DDK and is not, in any way, connected with the Malaysian firm.

SAM, which also owns the SAMKoin cryptocurrencly, operates legally in Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia and other parts of the world, having been given licenses from the regulators of the regions where it operates.

SAM’s parent company, the SAM Digital Technologies, is registered as a digital currency exchanger in Australia under AUSTRAC.

SAM was granted an initial endorsement by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) to proceed with the company registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other government agencies for amenabilities.

In addition, SAM is also processing compliance requirements with the regulatory bodies in Malaysia and Indonesia.

SAM Digital Technologies is one company Bardenhagen’s Behind MLM cannot scam or extort. Eat your heart out!


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