When most are aggressively on the work with developing vaccines or testing a few antivirals available, this laboratory took nCoV pandemic issue with a pragmatic approach. VirPath, a university laboratory in Lyon, France, is undergoing a dedicated search in finding an effective treatment against the novel coronavirus living through their days spent in a database of existing drugs.

Virpath will seek drugs used for diseases that, by independent observation, have nothing to do with a respiratory infection that such 2019-nCoV.

“So our objective is obviously to evaluate and hopefully approve these repurposed drugs very quickly within a month, a month and a half to be able to propose treatment with these repurposed drugs for the patients,” said Manuel Co-Director Rosa-Calatrava of the VirPath laboratory. “The repurposing of drugs very quickly allows us to propose a treatment strategy by drawing on our current database and thus enable us to respond extremely quickly to emerging viral health crises like this one.

The laboratory offers an easier and quite original technique within the “REACTing” consortium, set up by Inserm to deal with health crises like the H5N1 flu, Ebola or Zika. The repositioning of drugs for new anti-infectious therapeutic significance is their specialty. One example of this accomplishment is the fairly-known Viagra, originally developed for angina pectoris and which, by accidental clinical observation, has shown other properties. They had discovered that the drug prescribes to fight hypertension was also very effective against all strains of influenza.

Now the lab is about to be done with phase 1, which involves isolating the 2019-nCoV, duplicating it in order to supply their own testing matter.

“We started with nasal swabs from infected patients hospitalized at the Bichat hospital in Paris with everything that a nose could contain,” says one of the laboratory technicians. A real work of biological investigation.

Preserved at -80 degrees, the 2019-nCoV will enrich the laboratory’s library, in which only few authorized to work o the 2019-nCoV and access to the place. This place is under negative pressure, which means that no air cannot leave despite the air entering to prevent the viruses from escaping.

The team is thrilled that they feel useful and are expected by the general public to tackle on the pandemic virus.”It is rare that there are expectations coming from outside,” chimes in a scientist.

Researchers are confident that their technique will bring forth a breakthrough in the pandemic virus, as the technique of repositioning a drug is much faster and affordable than developing a new one, allowing them to be “a rapid reaction force in the face of emerging virus health crises.”

In the similar note, with the Signia Therapeutics, their 2017 startup allows them to further escalate clinical development and ease-of-access to the market once modified drugs for nCoV were found.