Fortnite to premiere Short Nite 2 film festival


Fortnite‘s online film fest is going for another round as “Short Nite 2.” 

According to its developer, Epic Games, Short Nite 2 will be a “series of animated, online shorts by up-and-coming-creators.” This is much to the previous event, in which it will run on the game’s combat-free Party Royale mode. 

The developer is yet to announce the complete list. However, they did mention that the stream will include two Gildedguy animated shorts, including a debut of a new short film in the series, “Gildedguy Gets Up!.”

Lasting for around 40 minutes, the event will premiere on July 23 at 2PM ET (or July 24 at 2AM PST). If you can’t make it, the short films will loop until 2PM ET on July 25 or 2AM PST on July 26. 

In addition to this event, Epic will also release Gildedguy as a character skin in Fortnite itself, available to buy from the item shop starting July 22.