Father’s Day Special: Gifts For the Tech Savvy Dads


Father’s Day is only three days away, and what better way to appreciate your dad than by giving him some tech upgrades? 

Whether you have a household dad or a workaholic dad, we have some tech gift recommendations that your dad may not know he would need this Father’s Day:

Quick Universal Charger 

In this day and age, not only do we look for smartphones with a long-lasting battery, but fast charging too. When dads are always busy and often use their phones, it would be a bother for their phones to lose power. So what better way to gift him an accessory to charge up his phone pretty fast?

Suggestion: Anker PowerPort PD+2 35W

Bluetooth Tracker 

There are times when our dads tend to lose their things quickly. For example, they forgot where they had placed their keys and wallets in the house just right when they were about to head out. If this sounds like your dad, you can gift him a Bluetooth tracker to avoid unnecessary panic in the household. 

Suggestion: Reflective Secure Holder with Key Ring for Apple AirTag 

Netflix Subscription 

Does your dad enjoy watching movies or TV series after a long day? Then a Netflix subscription would make him delighted. Not only it’s a perfect gift for movie buffs, it’s also the ideal way to bond with your dad. Two birds with one stone!

Link: https://www.netflix.com/signup

Smartwatch/Fitness Band

While it’s an extra accessory that seems to be only available to certain tech-savvy people with relatively good incomes, it’s actually handy and affordable. Your dad would find it helpful to have a handy gadget on his wrist that alerts him of new notifications from his phone, checks his heart rate, and even encourages exercises! 

Suggestion: OPPO Band B1

Wishing all dads a happy father’s day!