Youtube Super Thanks feature
(Source: YouTube)

YouTube is now giving a chance for fans to directly support their favorite Youtubers via the new feature called ‘Super Thanks.’ 

This feature allows creators to receive money directly from their fans for uploaded content. This feature is similar to the Super Chats feature, which allows users to give a monetary tip during a livestream at different price points. As for this new feature, creators will get money straight to any of their uploaded videos— also with varying price points. 

Once fans sends a Super Thanks to creators, fans will receive a Balloons GIF to confirm the purchase. In addition, they will have their comment highlighted on the video. 

The new feature hit up on both desktop and mobile devices in the beta version, available in 68 countries. It’s available in the Philippines. 

For creators to start benefiting from the feature, they should be part of YouTube’s Partner Program to qualify for monetization.

Of course, YouTube will expand to all other eligible creators in the YouTube Partner Program sooner or later this year. 


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