Epson and SMART Brings a winning combination for Collaborative Learning Solution to Classrooms

Smart bundled software

The use of projectors in schools as a teaching tool changed the game of class engagement. It opened a lot of opportunities that are beneficial for both the teacher and its students. The connection between them has never been easier until projectors came in the scene. With the use of a projector, teachers were able to present their lessons through a much more innovative display, and learning has been more entertaining for the students and their comprehension of the lessons more likely improved.

And if there is one brand that can be perfectly associated with a projector; it would be Epson. Epson’s brand has been recognized worldwide and it continues to deliver wide-array of products that exceeds customer’s expectation such as the projector.

In 2013, Epson started to establish a software relationship with SMART Technologies Inc., a leading global provider of collaboration solutions. It enabled Epson to sell SMART Notebook software along with its interactive projectors in certain global markets.

Epson and SMART Technologies Inc. has come to a new agreement which will absolutely be in favor of educators worldwide, as it now is easier for them to obtain the world’s leading collaborative learning software along with market leading collaborative displays.

It was announced that SMART Notebook® collaborative learning software will now be included with Epson interactive projectors for education models worldwide. The addition of SMART Notebook software to Epson interactive projectors provides a potent combination for collaborative learning.

The new agreement allows Epson to bundle SMART Notebook software, including a SMART Notebook Advantage subscription during the first year, with Epson interactive projectors as a standard offering on a worldwide basis. The SMART Notebook Advantage subscription lets customers upgrade to new versions of Notebook software in that first year, as well as access technical support and unlock premium features within Notebook.

This winning combination allows educators around the world to use the number-one selling interactive projector1 with collaborative learning software to create visually compelling, engaging and interactive learning experiences. Epson’s complete interactive projector line is tested and fully authorized by SMART for use with SMART Notebook software, and SMART Notebook fully supports Epson interactive features such as dual pen and finger-touch. Both Epson and SMART will provide customer support and training for their respective products, giving educators full confidence as they bring more collaboration into classrooms and other learning spaces.

“We’re delighted to extend the reach of our longstanding partnership with Epson to a global offering,” said Greg Estell, Solutions President, SMART Technologies. “SMART Notebook allows educators to easily create engaging, interactive learning in a way that’s natural to both teachers and students, and now they can do so on any Epson Interactive projector.”

“Educators are seeking the best hardware and software solutions to help them teach effectively, and to drive student engagement and learning outcomes,” said Keith Kratzberg, Senior Vice President, Epson America, Inc. “This partnership speaks directly to the needs of teachers to create engaging, impactful and fun lessons, as well as to respond to the needs of learners in real-time. By bringing together these leading interactive classroom technologies, we are providing the tools to meet those needs.”

It was in November 2015 when Epson interactive projectors with SMART Notebook software entitlements began shipping in North America and is set to be available throughout other regions of the world early this year. From February 2016, they will be shipped to Southeast Asia. The Epson interactive projectors that will be bundled with the SMART Notebook software within Southeast Asia include the models EB-595Wi, EB-585Wi, EB-575Wi, and EB-536Wi.


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