Epic Games Store frees “Dark Deity,” “Evil Dead: The Game”


This weekly free games listing in Epic Games Store features two polarizing titles that can only be summed up as anime fantasy and realistic gore: respectively, “Dark Deity” and “Evil Dead: The Game.”

Dark Deity is a roleplaying, turn-based strategy game where you lead a team of potentially-legendary heroes to fight off a horde of oathbreakers, warmongers, and wielders of forbidden arcane secrets.

Your ultimate quest is to save the land called Terrazael, scarred by political, economic, and magical problems, and bring it back to its glorious days. So expect lore-heavy storylines coupled with unique personalities in this one.

Meanwhile, Evil Dead: The Game is just as it says in the tin. It’s a playable version of the iconic American horror film series by Sam Raimi, where you put yourself in the shoes of Ash Williams or the monsters that hunt them.

You play as a band of four survivors to explore, loot, and manage your fear to find key items to seal the breach between worlds. Then, optimize your handy weapon and side with either good among human survivors or evil, where you can take control of the Kandarian Demon to hunt Ash and Co. and claim their souls.

These two games are available to claim for free for a limited time. You have until November 25 to get these games for free by having an account in Epic Games Store. Don’t miss this chance!