Energy startup Emrod announced it would be bringing wireless electricity tech to New Zealand, which doesn’t use copper wiring that has been demonstrated by Nikola Tesla of its possibility over a century after.

Emrod founder Greg Kushnir explained that the energy could be transmitted “electromagnetic waves over long distances using Emrod’s proprietary beam shaping, metamaterials, and rectenna technology,” which doesn’t use any power. Notably, it uses the line of sight that relies on a precise contained beam from one point to the other akin to how satellite internet connections work.

Through wireless electricity technology, Kushnir said power could be carried to difficult and remote areas that can’t afford dedicated physical infrastructure. The company is currently testing “a few watts” to and fro between 130 feet.

Emrod’s prototype had received government funding Royal Society Award nomination. New Zealand’s second-largest electricity distribution company, Powerco, will be the first to test Emrod technology.


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