The typhoon season is wreaking havoc in the Philippines, so we recently put up a list of natural disaster preparedness apps.

But maybe you want something both entertaining and educational to make it less queasy and alarming to you. What better way to learn about natural disaster preparedness through games?

We recommend you to check out these games free to play online:

Build a Kit Game

SED | Earthquake Games

It’s a simple game about what to put in your backpack for emergencies by building a checklist along the way.

It’s satisfyingly rewarding once you completed all of them, all the while knowing a little more about what to carry with you if disaster strikes.

Disaster Master

Disaster Master is a game in a graphic novel format where you make the right decisions during hazardous situations.

You’ll have to survive at all levels featuring different kinds of disasters, ranging from fires at home to earthquakes.

Don’t worry about losing midway in the game, though, as you’ll be able to figure out quickly how to survive from major catastrophes in several given situations after completing the game.

Stop Disasters Game

Stop Disasters!

Developed by the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) along with several partnerships, Stop Disasters is a sandbox simulation game where you can learn more about the risks natural hazards pose.

It comes with various scenarios, including ones that can happen in the Philippines or across Southeast Asia.

Your main objective is to save lives as much as you can by managing your resources and reducing the disaster’s impact.

This can be played collaboratively with your friends or family by discussing the best course of action. One thing to note that there are various ways to win the game.


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