As the Covid-19 outbreak further compelled citizens to stay inside their homes, some residents had to pull their own weight to sustain their livelihood by any means necessary at the face of the spreading virus. However, both national and the local government are working collectively to amass funding and voluntary support to give out relief provisions to as many as people they can cover, especially to the underprivileged or family whose breadwinner couldn’t get paid due to the no-work-no-pay policy instilled in their certain jobs.

Meanwhile, there are others who do more than just being dutiful. This involve not only from taking care of their fellow people, but also being thoughtful of the environment in the long-run in this times of crisis.

Environment-wise, Covid-19 was a silver lining in enforcing restricted movement of the residents, thereby lacking human activity outside the streets which caused the Philippine air pollution to become significantly lesser. And then there are those who are making conscious efforts for the environment by pursuing a zero-waste principle through their contribution to the society.

This is what was inculcated in the Municipality of Odiongan, Romblon, spearheaded by Mayor Trina Fabic y Firmalo who is also an advocate for zero-waste. In a Facebook post shared by a netizen, the fellow local government provided fresh goods bought from farmers and put them in reusable bags called Bayong. Doing it this way, they had helped farmers, residents in need, and the prevention of single-use plastics all in one package of contribution.

Image may contain: flower and food
Local government of Odiongan bought vegetables from farmers for the distribution of relief goods for residents who are gravely affected by the enhanced community quarantine. Image courtesy of Dhen Escarilla.

“…Binabalik ng ibang households yung net bag after getting the veggies, so na re-reuse pa namin para sa ibang barangays,” she commented on the Facebook post.

Another is in Albay from Redemptorist Legazpi Mission Community Legazpi One Apostolic Community, providing plastic-free meals wrapped in banana leaves for the frontliners in Bikol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital (BRTTH), avoiding the use of plastics or even styroforams.


Posted by Proud To Be Albayano on Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Huge appreciation to thoughtful eco-friendly givers!