The COVID-19 crisis calls for urgent implementation of e-governance and digital transformation; this is the central message highlighted in the webinar titled “Continuing Political Development Toward a Better (New) Normal: Making Public Institutions Matter.” The webinar was a joint initiative of the Democratic Watch Philippines, Transparency International Philippines, and Stratbase Albert Del Rosario (ADR) Institute.

The webinar discussed the present challenges the Duterte administration needs to address to recover and develop toward better normal. It entailed the importance of e-governance to resolve the lax and slow-paced government processes that can affect nation-building in the future.

E-governance also helps in ensuring transparency and efficiency required to keep up with the pressing challenges of misinformation and cyber threats in the country. Technologies that would help realize e-governance and digitally transform the country include the use of virtual conference, blockchain, and cloud-based tech platforms to shift toward the new and better normal.


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