DOST-MIRDC has been mass producing face shields for free to to front-liners. Image courtesy of DOST.

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) warned the public to never purchase face shields allegedly crafted by its Metals Industry Research and Development Center (MIRDC) or that the face shields bearing the name and logo of the DOST-MIRDC.

The DOST divulged in an advisory that it discovered such face shields being posted for sale on Facebook and other online sites.

“We did not and we will not allow any seller of face shields to use our design, our name and our logo just so they can do business. Face shields that are mass-produced by the DOST-MIRDC are given to front-liners for free,” it stressed.

However, the agency is requesting for donations in continuously producing protective gear the likes of polypropylene and acetate sheets, as part of the personal protective equipment suits (PPEs) that the health workers need to protect them from being contaminated by the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) while tending to patients.

With its technology partners Omnifab and Megasamsotite, the DOST-MICRD announced it’s capable to produce a total of 5,000 face shields per day.

“Initially, we produced 3D printed face shields as our stopgap measure. But we wanted to help meet the high demand for face shields that is why we geared up for mass production,” said DOST-MIRDC Executive Director engineer Robert Dizon.

The molds for the face shield frames are fabricated at the DOST-MIRDC laboratories which are mass produced through plastic injection technology. The face shield are made of the frame and acetate which are then secured with a garter, Dizon explained.

For those who are requesting for face shields may contact the DOST-MIRDC at 0908-8158167, 0927-9885367, 0908-1790502.


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