‘Coronavirus: The Silent Killer’ recalls the events that have led to this global crisis.

With over a thousand confirmed cases as of this writing and the entire region of Luzon under enhanced quarantine, the Philippines- and the rest of the world- is doing all it can to flatten the curve of the devastating effects of the new coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

Coronavirus being a pandemic, everyone is compelled to know any information regarding the virus, for it affects all. Discovery Channel aired a documentary titled “Coronavirus: The Silent Killer,” which had begun on March 18, that has been on for repeated schedule, so as to let everyone in wraps about the virus so far.

As of this writing, “Coronavirus: The Silent Killer” is just the first of a series of virus-related documentaries the cable channel is scheduled to air.

The show displays a set of industry experts and medical specialists who explain the science behind the virus, how it spreads so rapidly and quickly, and assessing how are nations responding to the pandemic.

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