tanim bala 2

In spitie of the incidents happening in the Philippines, Filipinos always have a creative mind to make everything light and to have something to laugh about.

“Laglag Bala” (dropping bullet into a bag) or “Tanim Bala”(planting bullet into a bag) scam is one of the major concern that Philippines is facing today, especially now that APEC summit is getting near.

The issue is about airport police and security personnel accused of allegedly framing up passengers by putting bullets into their luggages so they could extort from them.

laglag bala

Passengers of NAIA wrapped their bags to protect their them from the alleged “Tanim Bala” scam.

The incident is not so good for the Philippine government since it has already caught the attention of international media and this had brought embarrassment to our government.

But for Kulit Games, this is an opportunity to create a simple game that will change the mood of the Filipinos about the incident of “Tanim Bala.”

tanim bala 3

“Tanim Bala – the Mobile Game” is a game about a traveller avoiding the incident of “Tanim Bala” just like what is happening in the news right now. In the game, the player needs to avoid falling bullets that will be planted in his bag by airport personnel. The game ends once a bullet falls on the player .

tanim bala 1

The game is available on Android. Click the LINK to download the game.


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