Converge ICT recently launched connectivity solutions that meet the consumers’ needs at an affordable rate.

Say hello to Converge FiberX Time of Day— a product for residential subscribers needing their internet speed amplified at their chosen active hour plan. Customers have two plans to choose from:

  • Under the Day Plan, bandwidth will double at peak hours during the day or 7:00 AM to 6:59 PM. This is best for customers who work from home in the daytime or families with children who attend online classes.
  • Under the Night Plan, bandwidth will double at peak hours during the night or 7:00 PM-6:59 AM. This is recommended for work-from-home subscribers who operate during graveyard shifts or content creators who game or stream online at night.

Current or existing FiberX customers can experience peaked bandwidth by adding PHP 399 without paying double the subscription fees.

Converge ICT Executives (L-R) - Michael Maquiran, Orange Ramirez, Gilbert Virtucio, Conrad.png
Left To Right: Converge ICT National Consumer Sales Head – Michael Maquiran, Converge ICT Marketing Director – Lourdes “Orange” Ramirez, Converge ICT Product Management Head – Gilbert Virtucio

“As our residential customers’ connectivity needs continue to change and grow, Converge maintains its commitment to provide them with the best and most affordable internet resources to excel in every part of their daily lives,” said Converge ICT Chief Operating Officer Jesus Romero.

For more information about Converge FiberX Time of Day, visit its official website at


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