launches “Merry Mystery Cryptmas,” rewarding users with mystery gifts

136, the Philippines’ top crypto platform, joins in the Christmas festivities by rewarding users with Mystery Cryptmas gifts through the “Merry Mystery Cryptmas” campaign.

From September 22 until October 5, the event features a mystery theme where the Coins Santa Claus will reward 1,000 lucky users with a secret cryptmas gift, including different values of crypto tokens. 

“By launching this campaign, we invite everyday Filipinos to celebrate Christmas with us, in a fun and unique way. By bringing cryptocurrency and Christmas together, we want to inspire a deeper meaning to crypto— where we see crypto beyond being a digital payment or asset, but also as a seasonal gift we can share with our loved ones,” said Coins CEO Wei Zhou. 

Users can qualify for the “Merry Mystery Cryptmas” campaign in three easy steps:

  1. Follow @coinsph on Twitter and retweet the campaign announcement. 
  2. Cash in a minimum of 100 pesos to their Coins Wallet in a single transaction.
  3. Complete the activity form to confirm participation in the campaign. 

Users can cash in through 7-Eleven locations, more than two dozen local banks (via InstaPay), plus a range of mobile wallets, kiosks, and remittance centers.

The campaign will be based on raffle mechanics and is only open to Coins users who have completed Level 2 verification by providing their ID and selfie. Winners will be announced within two weeks after the event ends. The winners will have the mystery gifts credited to their Coins Wallets at prevailing market rates as of September 22. Each user will be limited to only one gift.

“The campaign is inspired by traditional Christmas celebrations such as secret gift exchanges. Keeping the nostalgic tradition with a fun twist, we celebrate our first, unique secret gift exchange with our users virtually. Just as the name suggests, we hope to bring a memorable, merry cryptmas for Filipinos,” added Zhou.