For Manila residents to quickly pay taxes and avoid getting exposed from the Covid-19, Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso announced on Facebook that Filipino residents in Manila can now pay taxes online.

“You don’t need to go to City Hall to pay tax,” wrote on a post his official Facebook page. “This is to avoid queuing up and going to the municipal hall in the middle of our facing COVID-19.”

Dubbed as City of Manila Local Government System, Multisys Technologies Corporation designed and developed the online platform intended to create a digital solution for local government units (LGUs) and advance cities, municipalities, and barangays as the present Covid-19 pandemic situation.

Here is the detailed list of services available in the online platform:

  • RPTAX: to facilitate assessment and appraisal of real properties online
  • BTAX: to file and pay application for new and renewal of business permits online
  • Community Tax Certificate CTC / CEDULA: to apply and pay online to secure Community Tax Certificate

Other services will be available on the platform, the following:

  • Local Civil Registry
  • Occupational Permit / Health Certificate
  • OVR – Ordinance Violation Receipt System
  • Manila Social Amelioration Beneficiaries
  • Hospital Management and Administration System
  • Manila Public Market Management and Administration System
  • Manila Jobs Portal

Residents of Manila simply visit to make use of the following available services online.


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