Chromium-based browsers

Users using the Chromium-based browsers will soon not be able to delete default search engines from the browsers’ list. These browsers apply to popular browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, Opera, and Vivaldi.

Previously whenever users installed a new browser, they could choose among the search engines to select as default and delete the rest or even all of the list they never used.

However, removing the list is no longer an option with the latest change to the Chromium browser according to Ghacks’ report. The reason is pretty reasonable, though, as deleting search engines from the list is too easy that it can be “irrecoverably destructive.”

By decision, Chromium developers made it impossible to delete them now, instead of remaining it as an option that requires more steps to implement. Alternatively, it “fixes more problems than it would create.”

It serves to fill up more storage space as more search engines may be added to the list in the long term for users using Chromium-based browsers.

Meanwhile, Firefox users are out of this possible issue, as it doesn’t use Chromium. What’s more, Firefox users can get to delete search engines from the list or hide them.


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