ChromeOS 104 to roll out dark theme


Google releases new update for ChromeOS 104, featuring the dark theme as per 9to5Google report.

According to a Google blog post, this new dark theme makes it easier for users to read at night in low light as it conserves power. This is different from “Night Light,” where it sets your screen in dim light by changing the screen tint. Now both Light and Dark Mode in ChromeOS 104 will have their own versions of in-built wallpapers. 

If you’re keen on both, the new update also comes with an “auto” mode, where you can automatically shift to 

light or dark themes depending on the time of day with select wallpaper matching. 

So, you have three options: light, dark, and auto mode. 

To enjoy this new feature in ChromeOS 104, follow these steps below:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Personalization
  • Select Set your wallpaper & style
  • Choose Light, Dark, or Auto mode based on your preference