Christmas Virtual Gifts

A few weeks ago, we suggested a handful of smartwatches as a gift idea for Christmas. Well, now Christmas is just right around the corner, and perhaps you may be in a rush to buy one right at this moment- so why not virtual gifts?

As the name suggests, virtual gifts are digital items given as a gift. It could be anything you can get your hands on- but only useable on the internet or on your devices. They’re the perfect gifts to someone too far away to give a physical gift to– or when you’re literally in a rush, like you.

So without further ado, here are our bunch of suggestions to choose from (spoiler alert: there is no NFTs in the list):

MasterClass Membership

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Get your recipient some handy digital gift by gifting them an online education subscription platform, MasterClass. Much like most online course platforms out there, it offers lectures and tutorials that you want to learn or upskill on. However, what makes this unique is it features many of the iconic experts. Want to learn to become a better cook? You get Gordon Ramsay as your teacher!

Because it’s the Christmas holidays, MasterClass is offering the “2 members for the price of 1,” so not only your recipient will benefit, but also you!

Netflix Gift Card

Is your recipient an avid fan of movies and TV shows? Then why not pay them their Netflix subscription?

Netflix is offering digital codes, which are available to purchase in Shopee. You can get a 10% cashback from purchasing a Netflix code as a bonus!

Steam Gift Card

How to Send a Steam Digital Gift Card in Any Amount

Perhaps the perfect gift for a hardcore gamer is giving them a Steam Gift Card to spend on their favorite game. Steam offers Digital Gift Cards ranging from PHP400 to PHP4000. These Gift Cards will be sent to your recipient in the form of a code, and they’ll receive a Steam e-wallet with the amount you’ve given.

Of course, you need to have an account of your own to send one to your friend. But if you want to brighten a gamer’s holiday, then this is the perfect gift to go for.


Cameo raises $50M to deliver personalized messages from celebrities & influencers | TechCrunch

Alright, alright, maybe your recipient wants nothing of the above. But maybe, you want to greet them in the grandest gesture possible? Well, Cameo could help you with just that!

Cameo is a platform that offers personalized greeting videos featuring celebrities, influencers, icons, and whatnot. This could range from sending birthday wishes to holiday greetings, the latter that you require crossing out right about now. Fortunately, Cameo is offering a last-minute holiday gift so you can request a video just in time for the holidays!

And, done! These are the virtual gifts you can send out for Christmas. We’ve scoured through the gift ideas just in time for the very day to begin. We Tech Beat Philippines wishes you a Merry Christmas!


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