Sunday, July 25, 2021
Instagram Stories auto-translate

Auto-translate option now available in Instagram Stories

Instagram announced that it will launch an auto-translation tool for texts found in Stories.  This feature can detect a foreign language in a Story and displays a "See Translation" option. If users...
Kaspersky remote learning

Kaspersky: 1 in 2 families in APAC get extra devices for remote learning

Kaspersky determined the technical challenges families faced amid the ongoing remote learning across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. According to the study, over half of families (49%) in the region with two...
Fortnite launches Short Nite 2

Fortnite to premiere Short Nite 2 film festival

Fortnite's online film fest is going for another round as "Short Nite 2."  According to its developer, Epic Games, Short Nite 2 will be a "series of animated, online shorts by up-and-coming-creators."...
Youtube Super Thanks feature

Fans can now directly tip Youtubers from uploaded videos via ‘Super Thanks’ feature

YouTube is now giving a chance for fans to directly support their favorite Youtubers via the new feature called 'Super Thanks.'  This feature allows creators to receive money directly from their fans...
Kaspersky WhatsApp

WhatsApp most brimmed with phishing activity among messenger apps — Kaspersky

Kaspersky showed messenger apps that are the most popular among phishing scammers, with WhatsApp taking the lead. From the anonymized data between December 2020 and May 2021, WhatsApp takes the big...

TECNO POP 4 LTE available in Shopee

TECNO is putting budget phones like nobody's business with its new release, POP 4 LTE. This ultra-budget handset packs with large battery capacity and a decent processor, all wrapped in a simple...
Netflix gamified

Netflix announces interest in pursuing gamified experience into its video streaming platform

Sources believed that the popular streaming platform, Netflix, is interested in venturing into the gaming industry in 2022. But according to Netflix, it seemed to be aiming to add a more...
Skyway Stage 3 a no-truck zone, opens to autosweep

Skyway Stage 3 a no-truck zone, only opens to Class 1 vehicles with Autosweep

San Miguel Corporation (SMC) announced that its Skyway Stage 3 is a no-truck zone, opening only to Class 1 vehicles with Auto sweep RFID stickers effective July 12.  The no-truck zone announcement...
Komo app features Generate Bank Certificate

Generate Bank Certificate feature now available in Komo app

EastWest Bank's Komo launched its Generate Bank Certificate feature on the app. The feature is user-friendly, where users can generate a bank certificate directly from the app. This makes it more convenient...
caption voice tweet

Twitter adds Captions to voice tweets

After a year of launching voice tweets, Twitter accompanied the feature with automatic captions for a clarifying experience.  Twitter now generates and displays subtitles automatically for users to read on mobile or...

Looking for a story-based game with a twist? Revisit Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!

The iconic psychological horror visual novel, Doki Doki Literature Club, is back with a Plus! Recently released by Team Salvato, the DDLC now comes with more mind-blowing features and content available only...
Obduction, off world trading company in Epic Games Store

Obduction, Off Trading World Company now available for free in Epic Games Store

Epic Games now features two futuristic game titles this week: Obduction and Off Trading World Company. From the creators of Myst, Obduction sucks players into a whole new sci-fi adventure. Players get...
Steam Deck

Valve outs portable gaming console Steam Deck

Valve launched its first-ever handheld console called Steam Deck, allowing gamers to play games from the Steam Library.  It's a 7-inch 1280x800 LCD touchscreen that has a refresh rate of 60Hz. The...
Facebook Soundmojis

Facebook Messenger app features Soundmojis

Facebook announced that it is now kicking off its latest expression feature, Soundmojis, in its Messenger app. This is a different spin to emojis. Soundmojis allows users to express themselves by sending...
mWell app

Healthcare service platform mWell app goes live in the PH

The mWell Health & Wellness mobile app officially launched in the Philippines. Powered by top brands in the healthcare, wellness, and tech industries, the mWell app offers accessible healthcare solutions through various...
LuminousMoth APT campaign in SEA

Kaspersky finds APT attacks, LuminousMoth, in SEA

Kaspersky uncovered a rare, wide-scale advanced persistent threat (APT) campaign against users in Southeast Asia, most notably Myanmar and the Philippines— dubbed LuminousMoth. Kaspersky identified about 100 victims in Myanmar and 1,400...
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DOJ warns public of rising cybercrime cases amid COVID-19 crisis

Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary Menardo Guevarra warned the public on the rise of cyber-related crimes, especially phishing, amid the COVID-19 crisis. "It is therefore...