Monday, September 20, 2021
Kaspersky: 43% of businesses prioritize preserving jobs

43% of small, medium businesses prioritize preserving jobs, says survey

Kaspersky issued a new worldwide survey about businesses facing challenges amid the pandemic, revealing businesses prioritize preserving jobs and ensuring the company is running the most. Nearly half of small and medium...
online banking Trojan

Kaspersky logs 60% increase in online banking Trojans

Kaspersky issued its Q2 2021 mobile threat report that reveals a 60% increase in mobile banking Trojan attacks in Southeast Asia (SEA). Cybercriminals used online banking Trojans (bankers) to steal funds directly...
Kaspersky Cybersecurity On a Budget

Kaspersky launches cybersecurity hub for small businesses on the budget

Kaspersky released a free platform that provides tips and tricks for small businesses to develop their security better, Kaspersky Cybersecurity On a Budget. Kaspersky Cybersecurity On a Budget comes with easily digestible...
Instagram birthdays

Instagram requires users to reveal their birthdays

Instagram users will soon be required to give out their birthdays to continue using the platform. Birthdates will become mandatory for every account, including business, pets, or alternate reality game purposes. There's...
Kaspersky shows Internet users concerned about privacy levels

Kaspersky reveals what Internet users are most concerned about in terms of privacy

According to Kaspersky's analysis, it turned out that most users are more concerned about mobile operating systems' security and Google's privacy level. Provided by Privacy Checker, Kaspersky recently analyzed data between December...
Mobile malware

Kaspersky records, blocks over 2K mobile malware daily in SEA 

Kaspersky highlighted that the mobile malware is a great concern for enterprises and employees in remote work, especially in Southeast Asia. During the first half of 2021, Kaspersky detected and blocked 382,578...
Kaspersky Linux endpoint security

Kaspersky updates Hybrid Cloud Security for Linux endpoint security

Kaspersky added new updates to its application in the Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security solution– the Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Linux and Kaspersky Security Center management console. Updated Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Linux...
Tinder ID Verification

Tinder offers its ID Verification feature to all users

Tinder announced it will make its ID Verification feature available to all users worldwide "in the coming quarters." As the name suggests, the Tinder ID Verification feature allows users to verify their...
TikTok teen security

TikTok adds new security and protection for teens

TikTok finally introduced lots of security and privacy controls for teen users aged 13-17 in the platform. TikTok Security controls include setting accounts of teen users age 16 below private by default,...
End-to-End Encryption Messenger

End-to-End Encryption for voice calls, video calls available in Messenger

Facebook announced it will be launching the End-to-End Encryption feature in Messenger to make voice and video calls much safer to use.  Besides chats, Facebook offers the option to activate End-to-End Encryption...

Scammers uses new trends, disruptions to their leverage in Q2 2021 — Kaspersky

Kaspersky revealed that scammers have been taking advantage of the online fad as they play up new tricks to lure victims in this past quarter. Notably, they use the disruption in...
Acronis ransomware

Philippine top 7 targeted with ransomware attacks in APAC, reported Acronis

Acronis recently published its cyberthreats report in the first half of 2021, citing the Philippines ranking 7 with the most detected ransomware.  Cyberthreats Report Mid-year 2021 update further revealed that 4 out...
Kaspersky online learning

Over half of kids in APAC prefer in-person education than online learning, says survey

A new Kaspersky survey showed that over half (55%) of the children in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region who switched to online learning prefer traditional education. Almost 1 in 2 Asian kids...
Acronis intros Advanced File Sync and Share

Acronis intros Advanced File Sync and Share

Acronis announced a new advanced protection pack for its Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Advanced File Sync and Share. Advanced File Sync and Share pack builds on the essential file-sharing capabilities included in...

Every 6th user has been doxed while looking for a relationship online, says survey

Kaspersky surveyed the risks of online dating, and they found that every sixth user has experienced having their personal data exposed (aka "doxed") while dating online worldwide. In Asia Pacific (APAC), 22%...
phish Olympic Games

Top 5 schemes phish scammers run during Olympic Games

The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics finally arrives this month after a year-long delay due to the pandemic. To reduce the risks posed by the COVID-19 variants, the Olympics will take place...
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Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie to premiere on Netflix this June

The latest movie in the long-standing anime show, Sailor Moon, will premiere on Netflix on June 3 as "Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie." Sailor Moon...