Sunday, October 17, 2021
unofficial DITO WiFi devices

DITO warns not to purchase unofficial DITO WiFi devices

DITO advised the public only to purchase its products on legitimate and authorized sellers amid the growing online sales of unofficial DITO SIM cards and WiFi devices. "We wish to inform everyone...
Globe At Home MyFi LTE and LTE-A pocket wifis

Globe At Home offers blackout-ready MyFi LTE, LTE-A pocket WiFis

Globe At Home reminded its customers that MyFi LTE and LTE-A pocket WiFis are available to use even during power outages. This is due to their portability catered for customers who...
Kaspersky reveals Youtube, Roblox, TikTok as trendy apps for kids

TikTok, Roblox, Youtube as the most popular apps among kids worldwide, says study

Kaspersky published a new study that showcases children worldwide changed interests under the new normal from 2020 to 2021. Kaspersky reveals that among the trendy apps for children are TikTok, Roblox,...

GOMO subscribers can get 40GB non-expiry data exclusively on GCash

GOMO offers more sweet deals with its 40GB of non-expiry data promo, exclusive on GCash. GOMO subscribers can get 40GB of no expiry data for only PHP359 until June 10. To buy...
Globe eLibrary

Globe promotes online learning with its free eLibrary

Globe released a free eLibrary to further support online learning for Filipino students. Several eBooks on its online shelf include children's storybooks, young adult books, learning materials, and many more. Globe's eLibrary...
Globe At Home x BLACKPINK

Globe At Home x BLACKPINK Limited Edition Modem goes official!

Globe launches a limited edition modem for BLINKS, the Prepaid Globe At Home x BLACKPINK prepaid modem! The limited edition modem flaunts double signal strength and coverage compared to the regular Globe...

DITO chooses Nokia to deliver 5G network in Mindanao

DITO Telecommunity chose Nokia to deploy 5G services in Mindanao. Nokia revealed that it is helping the third major telco deliver superior 5G services to its customers. This includes providing equipment (MIMO,...
e-payment fraud

‘E-payment Fraud:’ What is it and how to prevent it?

E-commerce has been significantly growing— even more so by the COVID-19 pandemic. Alternatively, however, this also led to an equivalent increase of fraudulent activities worldwide. One of the most notable is...
Tinder Are You Sure?

Tinder intros ‘Are You Sure?’ feature

Tinder introduced a new feature called 'Are You Sure?' (AYS?). It prompts users to have second thoughts in sending out inappropriate or offensive messages. AYS? feature uses AI to detect harmful language...
password stealers

Kaspersky: The principle of ‘Three Little Pigs’ to avoid password stealers

Kaspersky reported there's a 25% increase of password stealers targeting Southeast Asia (SEA) users as of the first quarter of 2021. Password stealers are a type of malware that steals account information....
SKY x AirConsole Hero

Exclusive free 6-month AirConsole Hero access for SKY Fiber subscribers

SKY partnered with Swiss game developer N-Dream for SKY Fiber subscribers to have free premium access to AirConsole Hero starting May 18, 2021. AirConsole is an online cross-platform video game console, enabling...
Kaspersky explains what ransomware is

Kaspersky sheds light on ransomware

Kaspersky explained at length the true nature of ransomware, and its operators, through its new published report.  Like any industry, ransomware comes in different forms and comprises many players that take on...

DITO officially goes live in NCR

Philippine’s third major telco DITO now officially launched in National Capita Region (NCR), its mobile services now available in 100 cities. DITO network coverage in NCR Manila Quezon City Muntinlupa Paranaque Pasay ...
Google University Verification Workshops

Google to host University Verification Workshops

Google's journalism program, Google News Initiative, will be hosting University Verification Workshops for free starting May 24 up to June 9, 2021. Google News Initiative (GNI)'s workshop will be about verification principles....
Facebook read before you share prompt

Facebook working on “read before you share” function

Facebook is currently working on the "read before you share" function that reminds users to read a news article before re-sharing it online.  "If you go to share a news article link...
HUMAN releases 2021 Bot Management Trends

HUMAN 2021 Bot Management Trends: Security leaders see bot attacks as top priority cyber...

Cybersecurity company HUMAN, formerly White Ops, revealed in its new research, 2021 Bot Management Trends, that security leaders found bot attacks as a top priority to mitigate amid the escalating cyber...
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TAITRA shares new medical technologies to Filipinos

You’ve probably heard of this story before: A Filipino patient is diagnosed with an illness that needs urgent advanced medical treatment. She consults with...