Amid the ongoing pandemic situation in the Philippines, preventive and sanitation measures have been put in place by the government. Filipinos have become more invested in getting their hands on anything that would prevent them from contracting COVID-19.

People who need to commute daily would find it appealing to have their own private ride instead of taking public transportation.

But if you’re among those who are unsure whether to get a motorcycle or a car, consider some of these factors to help you decide.


The first thing to consider is, of course, your budget. Motorcycle is not only affordable to own but also costs less to maintain compared to cars.

What’s more, motorcycles tend to have better gas mileage, so they’re more fuel-efficient. You will save more money whenever you juice it up than with regular cars. For those on a budget, motorcycles would save you more cash.


There’s no denying that cars are much safer than motorcycles, especially on congested roads where people are generally impatient.

Motorcycles, by statistics, are more involved in road accidents than cars. Cars feature more safety mechanisms such as airbags and shatter-resistant glass. While the pandemic is a current threat, road safety should still matter. Go for a car if extra protection is your deciding factor.


Health experts said that one of the best ways to prevent getting COVID-19 while on the road is through natural ventilation, which motorcycles have aplenty as they provide you fresh open-air driving.

Of course, cars can still provide natural ventilation by opening at least one window, but motorcycles would be your better bet in this case.


Consistent cleaning is essential to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 infection. Motorcycles are smaller and simpler in design, so it’s much easier to clean inside and out than cars.

It’s less time-consuming to clean motorcycles every time you travel than with cars where you’ll have to clean every angle in its compartment, including the trunk. Those who prefer not to waste time cleaning their vehicles, get yourself a motorcycle instead.

Load and passenger capacity

Vehicles have their unique design and purpose, depending on people’s lifestyle and driving habits.

For those who tend to bring so much stuff and people, then cars are the way to go, as they have better load and passenger capacity than motorcycles. The latter only has a pocket of storage under the seat (or gearbox) and can handle a maximum of one passenger. It’s preferable to own a car when bringing emergency kits and other tools.


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