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Dashboard camera, abbreviated as a dashcam, is a car video recorder mounted on a car’s dashboard, hence the name. You often see this on government-owned and public utility vehicles but it is also becoming common among private vehicles.

If you are owning a car, investing in a dashcam is worth having as it’s convenient in many situations whether you’re on the road or not.

It monitors your car

With many places in the metro riddled with cases of car parts theft, a dashcam would prove useful as your smart CCTV.

It can capture perpetrator while doing the action and alert you on your smartphone when someone is breaking into your car. The dashcam will also let you know if your vehicle has been towed.

It shows you blind spots while driving

Drivers use dashcams to get a better view of their surroundings as they drive, especially those who might often get involved in accidents due to a blind spot.

Several dashcam models enable you to see different angles in split screens to maneuver yourself carefully in congested traffic or see a reckless driver is approaching.

It carries evidence during road accidents

Nobody want to get into a car accident. Fortunately, the chance of getting into a car accident is lower compared to motorcycling. But there is still room for possibility regardless of how careful or obedient you are to traffic rules.

Installing a dashcam is your fail-safe option if you got yourself into such a trouble to avoid insurance fraud. The footage recorded in the dashcam serves as substantial evidence when finding liability between involved parties.

It records your travels

Whether you’re an avid vlogger or just want to save unforgettable memories with your friends or family, a dashcam is the perfect way to record the sights seen once only.

The way you film your adventure makes road trips exciting. Dashcams let you relive the unforgettable journey that you like to cherish for years.


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