It was a very busy Tuesday night and the red lights are all lined along EDSA as if it they were red street lights. With that kind of traffic, it is kinda difficult to drive, and harder to get into a public transportation. Plus, you are just minutes in being late from your appointment. Is there any solution?

Of course, there are alternatives to taxis. App-based services have been a big help for all of me in need of a quick, hassle-free ride in and around the city. Unfortunately, quality vehicles aren’t always a guarantee, and availability also depends on their proximity to your location.

Seems hopeless, I went online to check on other alternatives. I saw a ride booking service, Avis, and immediately requested a ride. They offered me two options, either I drive on my own, or a chauffeur will drive for me. With the hell-like traffic, I chose the latter.


They have scheduled pickups and instant bookings as well. So I was able to get a ride that instant. I just sat down and wait for my service. After a couple of minutes waiting, my ride has arrived and went to my appointment.

I got myself a Toyota Camry ride with driver in uniform. It made me feel like a real executive. I almost didn’t notice that traffic.

And when I arrived in the place to attend my most awaited event, the driver stayed within the vicinity and waited for me. After partying hard, I got a little bit drunk. The driver picked me up again and gave me a very safe ride home. The best part of this is that the driver is really courteous. I gave him an A+ for that.

After that experience, I strog recommend the sevice to my friends and surely the will enjoy the AVIS experience.


For more details, check out their website at


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