AV-Comparatives certifies Kaspersky Safe Kids 2 times in a row


The independent testing organization, AV-Comparatives, approved Kaspersky Safe Kids for Windows for its competent features that protect kids from pornographic or other adult content. 

The test results showed that the platform blocked 98.6% of adult websites. This is the second year in a row that can reach certification requirements.

AV-Comparatives shared that a product must block over 98% of pornographic websites, have zero false alarms on child-friendly sites, and have no severely unresolved bugs or design flaws.

“Kaspersky Safe Kids for Windows has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness and is the only parental control solution to have reached our strict certification level two years in a row. Its proven success in protecting children from inappropriate adult content, in combination with a wide range of monitoring and control functions, means that parents can feel confident that their children are surfing the web safely,” commented Andreas Clementi, CEO, and founder of AV-Comparatives.

The organization also highlighted the nearly instantaneous speed at which settings applied through the console are activated on a child’s device.

Kaspersky Safe Kids was also praised for its straightforward approach to installing and configuring via the cloud console. It’s also notable for its flexibility in configuring time limits, among other vital features.  

“We very much appreciate this recognition and believe it can help us improve our technologies, as well as empower parents to make informed decisions when it comes to such an important area as online safety for kids,” said Marina Titova, Vice President, Consumer Product Marketing at Kaspersky.

Check the full AV-Comparatives report ‘Parental Control Certification’ through this link. 

For more information about Kaspersky Safe Kids, visit here.