Japanese video game company Nintendo revealed on Friday that 160,000 accounts were compromised by hackers who utilize Nintendo Network user IDs without permission.

Following this, the company announced that users can log into their accounts even without their IDs and their respective passwords. It noted that the breach started at the beginning of April of this year.

The hacked accounts might have been used to buy V-Bucks, a virtual currency used in an online game called Fortnite, as users are complaining over missing funds.

Nintendo also shared that the hackers were also able to access users’ birthday, country or region, email addresses, as well as payment services linked to user accounts like PayPal and credit cards.

In a statement written in Japanese, Nintendo apologized to their customers, and has committed to “make further efforts to strengthen security and ensure safety so that similar events do not occur.”

Nintendo has also reminded its users to check their purchase history for any unauthorized transactions which they can request a refund, and has encouraged all of its users to change their passwords, and use two-factor authentication as an added security layer.


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