International tech giants Apple and Google have collaborated to launch their coronavirus tracking tools utilizing their digital contact tracing efforts.

The tech firms confirmed that the tracking tools called the Exposure Notification API will be available for public test in 22 countries.

Apple and Google’s COVID-19 tools make use of Bluetooth which can detect close contact of a person. This will help health authorities by notifying people if they’ve been in contact with a positive case of COVID-19, thus preventing the spread of the disease.

The tech companies have assured that no identities or location data can be collected from the signals and that privacy protection is strictly implemented.

The said tracking tools aren’t exactly an app made by Apple and Google, rather it’s an infrastructure that government units can use and build their own tools from.

According to Apple and Google, they will limit the tools to only one developer per country or state, adding that they are expecting to grant access to the API to more countries in the following weeks.



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