Facebook outage

Earlier morning, Facebook and its associated apps suffered a major downtime. For seven hours long, nearly 3 billion users worldwide couldn’t use any of the platforms, long enough for a handful of things to happen during that period.

Here’s the summary for your convenience:

#1: Facebook outage logged most extensive shutdown by Downdetector

(Source: Downdetector)

Downdetector recorded 10.6 million problem reports all over the world, saying it was the largest failure it had seen. It was also one of the company’s worst outages since the 2008 incident, where Facebook went dark for nearly 24 hours over a bug that left its users unable to load their news feed.

Facebook issued a sincere public apology in response during the period when the platforms were offline— yes, in a tweet.

#2: Twitter welcoming “literally everyone” during Facebook outage

Users from Facebook and its other platforms turned to Twitter to satisfy their social media scrolling pleasures. The latter greeted this user migration with welcoming arms, leading to interesting replies with other known platforms— and, for some reason, popular brands in all sorts of places.

Facebook outage led to a very epic crossover tweets and Best Internet Moment 2021.

#3: Facebook market shares plunged by nearly 5%, CEO’s fortune declined by almost USD6 Billion

Mark Zuckerberg notches down as the Sixth World’s Richest Person. (Source: Forbes)

Perhaps the most shocking thing that happened during the long-winded outage is it majorly contributed to the loss of shares for Facebook, with an incredible estimate of 4.8% shares reduction, according to Forbes.

In the same vein, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg alone had lost around USD5.9 Billion, which knocked him down as the sixth world’s richest person in a snap.

The Worst (and Strange) Monday for Facebook

It was a lot on Facebook’s plate for less than a day. The company explained the outage was caused by “networking issues,” as the systems were coming back online for all of its associated apps.

However, this is not the first blow to Facebook. As it happens, there was an interview about Facebook streamed last Sunday by 60 Minutes. The video revealed a whistleblower, a Facebook ex-employee who will appear before Congress this coming Tuesday to testify about the company’s malpractices and lack of transparency involving hateful content and spread of misinformation.

Whether the outage that occurred during the past several hours was an internal accident or intentional, no doubt it was more than a coincidence.


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