South Korean automobile brand Hyundai Asia Resources Inc. (Hari) has observed potential recovery of sales this year by opening a new dealership in Pampanga, taking advantage of the booming business, tourism and transport industries of the bustling province. With its 2019 sales declining to a whopping 5% to 33,763 units, from 35,401 units in 2018- the second consecutive year that the sales fall following the introduction of new taxes on vehicles.

The Philippine distributor of Hari said it chose the Angeles City for its urbanized and being the business activity midpoint in Central Luzon.

“Being home to the Clark International Airport and former United States military-operated Clark Air Base, Angeles City was heavily affected by the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991. Three years after, the city recovered with the creation of the Clark Special Economic Zone,” Hari said in a statement. “Angeles City today is a first-class, highly urbanized [site]—Pampanga’s commercial, financial and industrial hub, and entertainment and gaming center of Central Luzon.”

Hyundai Angeles is the 2nd Hyundai PC dealership in Pampanga, being the 3rd in Central Luzon operated by the Hizon Group-  one of the four leading Hyundai dealers in the Philippines.

“We are right where it should be. The third Hyundai dealership under the Hizon Group is designed to respond to the needs of the booming business, tourism and transport industries of Angeles,” Agudo divulged.

Last week saw the signing of a memorandum of understanding allocating some 700 units of the Hyundai H-100 Class 1 Modern Jeepney to local transport groups, including the turnover of an H-100 ambulance to the local government.

According to Agudo, both signify the car firm’s support for the public-utility vehicle modernization program.