Yahoo decided to officially shut down its Q&A website, Yahoo! Answers, effective May 4, 2021.

Yahoo will also be cutting off any new posts of questions or answers by April 20. This means users can no longer put up new stuff, rendering the platform as an only-read mode for the existing content before it shuts down in May.

Yahoo Answers has been serving users since 2005, with the company deciding to end the service this year to focus on other products to deliver more trustworthy content. The company also ensured there’s no changes to other properties or services once the platform closes.

However, those who prefer to keep their questions and answers can still download them upon request before the end of June hits. It will take up to 30 days for the download to be available then, which will be notified via email. Users can only download one at a time until the request is made or cancelled.

Only one’s own data can be downloaded. Users cannot download other users’ content.


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