President Rodrigo Duterte’s massive group of online supporters have wrongfully attacked and reported a Facebook page from India bearing the same name as a local satire Facebook page with posts and content against the president.

DDS Confessions, a Facebook page for alumni of Daisy Dales, a senior secondary school in New Delhi, India, said through a series of posts that it got spammed and reported by users from the Philippines.

The said Facebook page has the same name as DDS Confessions, a local page with posts that are targeted against Duterte and to mock his supporters.

The term DDS has been a popular term since Duterte’s term, which stands for Diehard Duterte Supporters, in line with the notorious Davao Death Squad.

The page handler of India’s DDS Confessions called Duterte’s supporters as cult members, and “Chinese/Filipino weirdos.”

“Over the past few weeks, 100s of you have liked this page and started spamming the posts for reasons beyond my understanding. This is not a cult/political page. DDS is a school located in INDIA and this page was meant to post content shared by the school alumni,” the page handler said through a Facebook post.

“For the love of whatever you guys worship – please stop,” it added.

As of writing, the said post garnered 19,000 reactions with 1,800 comments and 7,600 shares.

On another post, an unnamed page administrator of DDS Confessions called out issues against Duterte.

“The sentence ‘I am horrified to the very core of soul’ doesn’t quite justify what I’m feeling. The way this guy [Duterte] utters horrendous stuff makes me believe in reincarnation because if Hitler was reborn, it would be him,” the post stated.

The post then listed instances linking Duterte to homophobia, rape jokes, murder, human rights violation, and the budget cut for the Commission on Human Rights.


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