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With the work-from-home arrangement becoming a trend due to the pandemic, it also brought new challenges to those used to working in a proper office environment.

These challenges include staying organized, maintaining discipline, managing time, and knowing when to switch off.

Here are some digital practices that you can do to maintain a healthy work-life balance when telecommuting:

Use apps to establish a schedule

The biggest change in remote work is your schedule. Although it gives you more freedom than what you have when working in the office, managing your time can be a challenge.

Those who are new to remote work would either drive themselves to the bone out of fear that they’re not working hard enough or not work at all due to complacency. Both of these extremes can put you under major stress.

To resolve this, adopt a schedule the way how a regular employee works in an office. Using platforms like Google Calendar and Google Task are handy in effectively grinding throughout the day without the meltdown.

Plan meaningful off-screen breaks

Studies have warned that staring too much at your device can cause eye strain and headaches. If your remote work consists of staring at your computer most of the time, it’s vital to give yourself an off-screen break in between.

For instance, rest your eyes for 15 minutes every two hours of continuous online work. Take a breather right outside your doorstep or something meaningful that doesn’t require you staring at your device. Use the alarm clock on your phone to set the time when to take those breaks.

Use separate platforms for work and play

It’s been widely recommended to draw a line between professional and personal life. Aside from setting a workplace in your home, you can also do the same on your devices.

It’s the same as having two separate emails for work and personal purposes. For example, set boundaries in your digital workspace by using two different web browsers for work and play, such as using Google Chrome for work and then Mozilla for the other. This way, you won’t mindlessly go to your social media account or do online shopping while on the clock.

Set a Working Mode on all your devices

Distractions in the guise of notifications are often the pest that keeps you from being productive.

To avoid this, activate the “Do Not Disturb” mode or put your phone to silent during critical working hours to keep yourself from hearing alert messages from your friends or emails. Stay away from your phone if you can’t help yourself.


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