It’s easy to assume that there’s only one word processor software in the world and that is Microsoft Word.

But for those in need of an application that doesn’t resort to hogging on free trials or pirating online, there are good Microsoft Word alternatives out there for free.

Here are our top suggestions:

Google Docs

How to create a Google doc on your computer or mobile device - Business Insider

Google Docs is your go-to online writing application. Users only need to have a Gmail account to use the platform.

It has the advantage of being a cross-platform app available on both desktop and mobile devices.

Google Docs is recommended for users who need to work with others as it has syncing capabilities.

It comes with essential word processing features, but it does come a little short on many functions compared to Microsoft Word, such as format conversion and layouts.


File:OpenOffice Writer 4.0.png - Wikimedia Commons

The OpenOffice Writer is the close you can get to a Microsoft Word, so it got all the functions you would need for your writing work.

It can also open all Microsoft Word formats. It’s also cross-platform and is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

It only supports older file formats when saving, such as .doc and .xml. The app can open .docx files but can’t be used for editing.

LibreOffice Writer

File:LibreOffice Writer 6.3.png - Wikimedia Commons

LibreOffice Writer is another alternative for those who are often shifting to Microsoft Word for your work, as it can edit and save .docx file formats.

It has the OpenOffice functionalities, nearly close to Microsoft Word. The application comes with up-to-date security patches.

You can only view all your docs in its Android version. Users may also not like its frequent updates and new half-ready functions for use.


Writemonkey screenshot and download at

For those who want to keep things simple and distraction-free, WriteMonkey is right up your alley.

The full-screen mode allows users to focus, akin to making art on a blank white canvas, which comes with color theme options to pick from.

Another worth mentioning feature is its timer and built-in word completion features. The menu and other functions are found in comprehensive listed options by right-clicking your mouse.

For those who are used to the Microsoft Word alternatives, you may find this app confusing to use and unattractive to look at.

Documents saved on WriteMonkey can only be formatted as a .txt or .docx file. It doesn’t have a mobile version.


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